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Personal, Social, Health and Emotional
Excellence - Respect - Enjoyment


We aim to enable children to be effective learners, value themselves and others, understand their rights and responsibilities towards the rights of others, develop self respect, self confidence and self discipline. Also to develop a regard for equality and respect for different ways of life, respect nonviolent ways of resolving conflict and develop some understanding of the world of work. Their individual experiences are used as starting points. This could include discussion about bullying, feelings, other cultures and celebrations. The school uses the golden rules as a basis for helping children to learn how to manage their behaviour and understand the need for rules. Children take part in events such as Walk to School Week and other national awareness raising events. They are
encouraged to care for the environment. Through topic work they think about keeping healthy and have opportunities to be involved in visits into the community.  

Mrs Taylor, PSHE Leader

Teaching and Learning

An average of half an hour a week is spent covering this work directly although there are many opportunities throughout the school day to tackle these issues. Children may work as a whole class, in teams, pairs or as individuals depending on the activity. Circle time activities are used regularly to develop these values and British Citizenship is also promoted.

Many visitors support our PSHE curriculum