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Physical Education
Excellence - Respect - Enjoyment


Here at Southwood Infant School we believe that Physical Education is an important part of school life. It helps promote pupils health, well-being, physical growth and development.

Through physical education our pupils will learn how to interact with their peers in groups and teams whilst cooperating and competing fairly, understanding their own role and the role of others across a variety of sports.

We aim to offer a high quality curriculum that is linked to the children’s topics wherever possible. Our staff will encourage all pupils to become physically confident to support their individual health and fitness.

Our planning is based around the National Curriculum (2014) which aims to ensure all pupils:

  • develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities
  • are physically active for all sustained periods of time
  • engage in competitive sports and activities
  • lead healthy, active lives

Here at Southwood children in the Early Years Foundation Stage take part in one physical education lesson a week. Key Stage One (KS1) take part in two physical education lessons a week, one working with the class teacher and the other working with a specialist sports coach. KS1 also have the opportunity to work with a specialist cricket coach during the spring term.

Mrs Blowers, PE Leader

Teaching and Learning

At Southwood children have two hours of structured PE lessons each week. All year groups have PE outdoors throughout the year as well as access to an outdoor area everyday.

The children are taught across the following areas in PE:  Gymnastics and dance are taught as blocks using units that have been created to link with topics.  Dance as an art form is inclusive and accessible to all pupils whatever their ability or cultural background. Children are encouraged to make, perform and respond in a variety of ways. In Early Years children also follow the WriteDance scheme which has proven to be very effective for the children as it develops their gross motor and fine motor skills. It is also provides them with confidence as they learn to represent their thoughts and ideas on paper. In KS1 one PE lesson a week is taught by Get Active Coaches, who cover a range of sports such as tag rugby, athletics and games. We are also very fortunate to receive specialist cricket lessons in KS1 from The Ageas Bowl coach.

Extra Curricular

Extra-curricular opportunities are provided at Southwood. Our after school club is run by get active who play a range of sports games with the children. We also currently have running club, which is very popular with the children. 


Hampshire Cricket Board and Chance to Shine (chancetoshine.org) will be working with KS1 pupils over the course of the summer term to deliver cricket sessions

Their aim to:

  • Provide as many children as possible with the opportunity to play cricket
  • Inspire teachers so that they can confidently lead cricket sessions and think ‘Cricket is a game for me’
  • Support ‘Whole Child Development’ and create a more lasting connection with the next step of their pathway
  • Support children to have the opportunity to compete (personal best, intra and inter if circumstances allow)

All of the children thoroughly enjoy the cricket sessions with Neil. The sessions are full of games and excitement as the children begin to learn basic skills needed for cricket. These include catching the ball, passing the ball and striking it. The children learn these through team building activities and games.